TOP 10 advantages of ice skating

TOP 10 advantages of ice skating

Ice skating is the most beautiful but also one of the most challenging sports. Cutting through the air, racing on skates is fun that charges us with positive emotions and makes us feel so fast and light! Let before that you have to fall more than once, warm your hands, but the result will not keep you waiting - this lesson helps to fight excess weight, and is also a protector of our health.
On cold winter days, it is not so easy to achieve high physical activity, and lack of mobility reduces the activity of all organs and body systems, which can lead to a cold. That is why doctors recommend ice skating, because this sport not only helps to improve our health, but also helps to get a lot of pleasure and a powerful charge of positive energy.
The content of the article:

1. How ice skating affects our body.
2. The effect of regular exercise.
How ice skating affects our body

• Figure. During movement, all tissues of our body are enriched with oxygen, which in turn helps to activate metabolism. For an hour of active skiing, about 400 kcal burns out. With regular training, you will realize that your body has become slim and fit.

• Bones. The strength of the bones is highly dependent on how much pressure the nearby muscles put on them. During the movement on the rink, not only the leg muscles are involved, but also the muscles of the arms and body. Accordingly, the bone density in these places increases.

• Spine. You need to skate with a straight back, otherwise it will be difficult to maintain balance. This trains the muscles that support the spine and improves posture.

• Heart and blood vessels. Going to the rink regularly increases your heart endurance. Just 30 minutes on ice daily is enough to significantly reduce the risk of a future heart attack.

• Brain. Ice skating gives a lot of positive emotions and helps relieve psychological stress. It is especially useful to ride on open rinks. A slight frost invigorates and tones the nervous system well.

• Vestibular apparatus. The blade of the skates is an unstable support. When we try to stand on it and move, the ability to keep balance is trained. Thanks to this, movements become more coordinated, precise, harmonious, not only on the ice, but also in everyday life. The best effect in this regard is given by figure skating, but simple sliding on the rink in a circle is also useful.
The effect of regular ice skating

• the body acquires beautiful lines, graceful curves, becomes more flexible and plastic;

• human muscles become more elastic, slightly pumped up and strong, excess weight is gradually burned;

• during physical exertion, a huge amount of endorphins - hormones of happiness - are released into the bloodstream, a person becomes cheerful, full of optimism and joy;

• a person's consciousness will clear up;

• diligent ice skating heals stress and depression, increases mental performance;

• ice skating is a great cardio exercise. After all, the pulse quickens up to 150 beats per minute, and fat begins to burn faster;

• ice skating trains even the most difficult-to-reach places, such as the lower abs and inner thighs;

• When skating, all the muscles of the body are used. This makes it possible, engaging in just one type of physical activity, to get a beautiful and fit figure;

• there is a charitable effect on the human cardiovascular system;

• riding in the fresh air in good company improves mental health, invigorates and energizes, the complexion will improve, and sleep becomes sweeter.

Sharpening the skill of ice skating, you can not only get a charge of vivacity, positive emotions for the whole day, but also tangible benefits for the whole organism.

Ice skating is becoming more and more popular among children and adults. This activity has many benefits and has a positive effect on both the physical and emotional health of children and adults.


TOP 10 advantages of ice skating