Black Sea Ice Arena Training Club


We welcome new members of «Black Sea Ice Arena» figure skating club.

Traingins will be held at«BLACK SEA ICE ARENA» , Kranevo.

Coach - Viacheslav Kazakov born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1974. He is practicing figure skating  since he was 4 years old.

He is active competitor in figure skating since 1980 till 1993. He participated in Republican and International tournaments and is honoured Master of sport in figure skating. In 1994 he was admitted in the National Sport Academy "Vasil Levsky" with Major -Figure Skating, training faculty. 

Price for membership card per month from 31.08.2018-07.06.2019 for members of training club"Black Sea Ice Arena" - 100bgn

-12 trainings on ice

-12 training general physical training

This membership card gives you unlimited times to use the ice rink

Training schedule:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday























Individual trianings  31.08.2018-06.06.2019

1  person – 60 bgn per 1 hour (coach + entrance )

2-4 people- 40 bgn per 1 hour (coach + entrance)

4-10 people – 35 bgn per 1 hour (coach+entrance)

Individual Trainings 07.06-30.08

1 person – 70 bgn per hour (coach+entrance)

2-4 people - 50 bgn per hour (coach+entrance)

4-10 people – 45 bgn per hour (coach+entrance)


For information adn questions please contact us at:


*The club has the right to change the training schedule at any time

*During summer period trainings will be scheduled only with reservation in advance!

Black Sea Ice Arena Training Club